The ProTool Telescopic No-Twist Extension Pole

Most extension poles require a very tight twist in order to keep the telescopic sections from moving in and out. This puts a great deal of pressure on the collars. ProTool’s innovative No-Twist Extension Pole contains special gear mechanisms inside the pole that allow a light twisting motion to adjust the length and keep the pole from moving while in use. This pole is available in 8, 14, 20, 32, 39, 50 ft. Shop for the No-Twist Pole.

ProTool Extension Pole in use

Clean Faster with the H2Pro Truck Mount for Pure Water

H2Pro-Truck-Mount-wChem-SmThis H2Pro system offers 40 inches of RO Membrane!

  • 12v RO Boost Pump with fill detection to stop running the pump
    Carbon Filter, Two 20 in. RO Membranes, DI Resin Filter with replaceable/refillable media cartridges
  • 50-gallon RO buffer tank to support the operator cleaning the glass
    12v Delivery Pump and controller for cleaning the glass, Battery Box (battery not included)
  • Hose Reel with 200 ft. of 3/8 in. hose, On-board TDS Meter
  • Remote Key Fob that controls the water flow for Wash (low) and Rinse (high) water flow and on/off

An optional Chemical Delivery Tank allows you to add a shot of detergent to get windows clean faster.

Some glass and hard surface exteriors are difficult to clean with with pure water due to different residues on the glass.  Jet fuels, exhaust near highways, pollen, and others.  

This chemical delivery tank allows the user of a waterfed pole to run this auxilary pole hose up their pole, connect to the brush via a secondary set of jets and introduce soap or other surfactants to the surface.  With the press of a button the soap comes through the brush and turns off with another press of the button.  Pure water can be flowing through the brush at the same time and the soap is off during the rinse.

The H2Pro Chemical Delivery System by RHG Products features an 8 gallon holding tank, 12v battery powered delivery pump, 300′ of 5/16″ chemical delivery line and is controlled by a remote key fob.

These can be added to the H2Pro Tank System and Fill N Go tank systems at time of purchase, added by the owner of a Tank System after the fact, or purchased as a stand alone unit.

Don’t be dependent on the local water pressure. Always get exactly the water you need at the brush with the H2Pro Tank pure water filter and delivery system.

Buy the H2Pro System

Buy the H2Pro System plus Chemical Delivery Tank

I <3 My Window Man! – Picture Frame

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A great little gift idea made by one of our customers who wanted to give back some props to the hard workin’ window washers of the world. This is a custom photo frame, perfect for desktop display and really easy to use: Just push the image out the back and pop in a 1.5″ by 2” pic of your favorite window expert!

This product was handmade by a seasoned window washer over the rainy break, it has Old-World charm and rugged good looks, just like a window washer!

Buy it for a friend, buy it for yourself, or just casually leave this page of the website open for someone else to discover, Whoops! who left that there? 😉

Either way, its about time people noticed how much the world really loves its window washers!

Fits 1.5 x 2in photo. Frame stands 4inches tall by 2.75inches wide.

New Product: GutterVac for Ladderless Gutter Cleaning at 30ft

This aluminum sectional pole attached to a wet/dry vac allows you to quickly suction out the debris from gutters up to 30ft without the need of climbing up a ladder to scoop out by hand.

We haven’t stocked this product yet, but introduced it at the IWCA show and received plenty of interests. We currently have it at on special as a pre-order price. Give us a call if you are interested or click here to add it to your shopping cart.

New Product: Unger’s New Ninja MicroSwipe Towel

Ninja MicroSwipe Towel
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Available in 3 sizes. This cleaning towel offers a great combination of Microfiber towel material and scrubbing power in the pocket corners. This cleaning towel is Ninja strong.

The 4 corner pockets allow for easy positioning on a pole or over your hand for cleaning in corners or on a pole above your head.

Microfiber towels are great for your cleaning and polishing tasks.

Often used with a foaming spray cleaner Microfiber is used to clean:

  • French panes (cutups)
  • Entry Door glass
  • Chandeliers and Pendants
  • Auto Glass and interiors
  • Appliances
  • Stainless Steel

Visit here to purchase Ungers new Ninja MicroSwipe towel:×16-ninja-pocket-towel/

New Product: LadderMats

laddermats and in use pictures
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A window cleaner who knows the risks associated with ladders invented this product. Ladders can be a problem on sloping or uneven ground. How do you climb up to clean windows, clear gutters, or paint without toppling to one side? Or on a smooth surface, how do you stop the ladder feet from sliding away from the wall? Or sinking into soft ground? Laddermat can provide the solution to all of these.

Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules, are linked by a sturdy metal loop and offer adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the ladder foot needing extra height. Or can be put under both feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.

Each mat 24 x 17cm (9” x 6.5”).


Quite a few people have asked if this product is OSHA Certified. Something to know is, OSHA does not certify or endorse any products. If you use the product sensibly, within its tested parameters, at the ladders correct angle, the length of the ladder should make no difference.

You may view the test reports here:

You may also read about ladder safety on the OSHA website by clicking here


New Product: Can Do Gloves “Quickest Winter Gloves”

Can Do – Super Winter Gloves (Patent Pending)

Orange insulated gloves made even better by inventor Paul Mahon. A window cleaner in Canada. He produces the Can Do Glove specifically for cold weather cleaning use.

These are the quickest winter gloves you can own. Paul has ingeiously attached hook and loop pads on the gloves to allow one glove to hold the other while you are cleaning. This allows easy removal of your hand for those small, quick deleterious tasks and then an easy slip back in for warmth.



Sneak Peak: New Bull Rings Coming Soon!

BullRing HolsterMister Dangerous Dave has been working on some new ideas lately. Here’s his dramatic presentation video of what will be coming to the store for 2013. Bullrings will be customizable to your preferred choice of color and we will also be introducing *drum roll please* The Bull Ring Holster!

New Product: 3-Star 5 Stage RO/DI Cart by RHG

Steve  and Jenny introduce the new 3-Star 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Deionization System for Waterfed Pole, pure water window cleaning.

This system features three 14in RO membranes. A 30in Carbon and a quick change 30in DI filter.

Comes in basic, battery and electric pump versions. Includes a digital water meter and 2 pressure gauges. With this system there is a shut off valve that will allow you to turn off the water leading into your DI and just run RO water by itself. Ideal for solar panel and awning cleaning.

The frame is very sturdy, with a powder coated red frame. Easy maneuverable.

Shop the systems here: