Product Feature: Sheer Glass for Hard Water Stain Removal

Sheer Glass After/Before Shot Sheer Glass removes hard water spots, lime deposits, adhesives and oxidation from glass surfaces. Excellent on stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, tile, granite and chrome surfaces as well.

Its a Non-acid formula that contains a filtering agent which continues to draw embedded stains to the surface to be removed easily. It contains a glass polish to leave glass surfaces sparkling. Utilizes a mild abrasive that will not scratch surfaces and Leaves a protective coating after use.

It works excellent on stainless steel surfaces and gently removes hard water spots, lime deposits, adhesives and oxidation run-off to beautify and restore surfaces. Sheer Glass will not etch or burn glass like acid products and does not require the use of gloves or mask to use.

Also cleans & restores porcelain, tile, granite, chrome and stainless steel. Safe to use on fiberglass. There’s no odor because of its Non-ammonia formula.

Does not require use of a buffer, but a buffer will speed up the process.

Sheer Glass Hard Water Stain Remover Pint
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Sheer Glass removes paint overspray and rust. It works well on all metal surfaces to remove stains and leaves a shine to the metal.

You can use Sheer Glass on all types of exterior and interior glass surfaces such as shower door glass.






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