16,000 Glass Mosaics Cleaned on Historical Church In Berlin

To restore the original luminance of the windows of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, more than 16,000 glass mosaics are being washed with hot water high-pressure cleaners. The old church, built between 1891 and 1895, was damaged and destroyed during air-raids in 1943. A new church, whose windows are being cleaned now, was constructed between 1959 and 1963 after plans of Egon Eiermann. Parts of the old church were conserved and serve as a war memorial.

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A Window Washers World Investigated

An article about the working conditions of high rise window cleaners done by FOX 9 Investigators in Minnesota. Minneapolis has had the highest window washing accident rate in the United States since 2007 according to the IWCA.

Read the full article here: Investigators: A Window Washer’s World: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

Learn more about safety conditions and join the Internation Window Cleaners Association (IWCA)

Keep up with OSHA Regulations: http://osha.gov/

Martin’s Window Cleaning

One of our customers was featured on the news yesterday. Out of Houston, Texas Len Cannon of KHOU 11 News, works with Manuel Medina of Martin’s Window Cleaning as they go up over 100feet off the ground.


Sidewalk Collapses Due to Boom Lift

This morning in San Francisco, Ca, a boom lift collapses a weak section of a sidewalk, though lucky that the boom lift landed between 2 beams that supported the sidewalk. The 25,000 lbs boom lift was too heavy to be supported by this sidewalk because underneath was an open basement.

It was a window washer who was using this boom lift to clean the windows of the Grant and Sutter Street Banana Republic.  When it fell, it damaged a sprinkler line that was in the building setting off the fire alarm, alerting the fire department.

The accident shut down the street for a bit but aside from that, no other holes and damage to the city had occurred and only a small amount of hydraulic fluid had leaked out of the rig into the basement. No injuries had occurred and the boom lift was removed safely.

The shouldn’t have rolled the lift onto the sidewalk considering its weight but the San Francisco Department of Public Works will determine who is at fault.

High-Rise Rescue Training Exercise

Rescue TrainingAre you a high-rise window cleaner?

What do you do if you get stuck or have a medical emergency 20 stories high up? Well here’s an article and video where fire fighters from the city of Naples, Florida train to get people down as quickly as 20 mins in emergency situations, but sometimes they’ll have to descent in 30 seconds.

Tag along with Naples Fire on a rare training exercise

Staten Island Window Cleaner Electrocuted

Nick and Joanne Genovese display socks window washer was wearing when he was electrocuted on Long Island.
Courtesy of Staten Island Advance/Anthony DePrimo & www.silive.com

As most of you have heard already, Nick Genovese, a Staten Island Window Cleaner was electrocuted recently using his 40 foot window cleaning extension pole. He called his wife in the hospital and told her that he had a problem. His wife’s thoughts immediately was that he had gotten into a car crash, but he told her he had been electricuted. His wife was in disbelief, “You got what?!” she said.

He did a little research to see what he had went through and found that he had survived 11 times the shock of an electric chair, which typically carries 3,000 volts. He said he felt the shock go in through his hands and out his feet.

Pictured, is his wife holding the socks he was wearing the day of the incident. They had burn holes through them. He has been discharged from the Nassau County Medical Center’s East Meadow Burn Unit, but needs to see a neurologist, cardiologist and ophthalmologist to make sure the shock didn’t cause him any internal damage.

All in all though, he is happy to be alive and at home with his good friends, loving wife and beautiful 2 children.

For safety information on working near powerlines, visit: http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/

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Don Chute’s Memorial Service

Don Chute

Don Chute of Lead Dog Enterprises –
The biggest heart in the window cleaning industry, bar none – passed away on September 1, 2010.

Memorial Service
Friday, October 1, 2010 — 2:00pm
Georgia Governor’s Mansion
391 West Paces Ferry Road, Northwest
Atlanta, Georgia
Dress: Nice Casual (No neckties)

Party into Paradise
Don’s wake following the memorial service
Woodbine Station Clubhouse
Corner of Sandy Plains Rd. & Pebble Hill Dr.
Marietta, GA 30062
Designated Driver shuttles to/from hotels.

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Green Window Cleaning On A Massive Scale

Photo courtesy of Michael Slonecker via Wikipedia

Imagine cleaning all 6,514 windows on the Empire State Building.

That’s just what Anthony Concepcion is doing as part of “greening” the iconic New York building. It’s almost as difficult as it sounds but Concepcion cleans the windows after they are removed from each of the 102 floors.

Each window is removed, cleaned, retrofitted and replaced as part of a $13-million upgrade that will cut energy use by 38 percent and save about $4.4 million a year, according to USA Today.

Concepcion, 39, is work crew supervisor for the contractor, Serious Material of Sunnyvale, CA. He and his crew remove between 75-80 of the dual pane windows each night. Then by day, they detach the windows from their sashes, pull the panes apart, clean them, and add a new layer of transparent insulation film. The process began in March and is expected to wrap up in October.

Once the windows are resealed, they cook for an hour in a 205 degree oven to shrink the protective film in place. Next, a mixture of inert gasses is pumped into the space between the panes for insulation. They are then reinstalled the following night, before the next batch is collected.

It’s not often that a retrofit of this magnitude is done reusing the original windows, but this strategy has proven very cost effective (saving about $2,300 per window).  And it has also avoided the environmental impact of trucking new windows from the factory and old ones to recycling.

The new windows have 2.5 to four times more insulation and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given this project an energy star rating of 90 out of 100. Not too shabby for a building built in 1930!

Now, if you’re ever faced with cleaning more than 6,000 windows for a green building, we hope you would consult J.Racenstein’s green window cleaning section for a plethora of choices!