Tucker Water-Fed Poles

The TuckerŪ Pole System is designed to connect to a standard garden hose and consists of lightweight aircraft-type aluminum handles and a choice of single or dual hose, gooseneck, nylon bristled brush and optional detergent dispenser with detergent tablets. The pole system is regularly used up to 45 feet as a one person operation.

Single Hose Methods
"ASH" Method Connect to garden hose or purified water source for normal washing and rinsing with the same water source. Water and/or detergent feeds through the gooseneck and brush.
Dual Hose Method #1
Dual Hose, No Dispenser: Connect to garden hose for normal washing, rinse with second hose. Water and/or detergent feeds through gooseneck/brush; separate rinse bracket hose with exterior nozzle for rinse or extra water.
Dual Hose Method #2
Dual Hose with Detergent: Run detergent through the gooseneck using the Dispenser; turn on for detergent cleaning, off for regualr water scrubbing, and water from the upper nozzle for printing.

IWCA Water-Fed Pole Safety Presentation: Small PDF (2.2Mb) ·  Large PDF (6.2Mb) ·  PowerPoint (6.3 Mb)