These extendable poles with brushes on the end are available in many different sizes and brush styles. Each set-up is designed to clean specific areas. Seasoned operators will have several poles of various lengths with and several different brush-bristle types.

For instance, small poles from 4 ft. to 18 ft. long are designed for cleaning first floor work. Whereas a 28ft pole will do the 2nd and 3rd floor of most residences. Although you do need to watch for slopes and walk out basements whic can add to the length needed to reach the area to be cleaned.

Generally, the pure water is pushed up the pole and out between the bristles. Then, the pure water flowing the surface is agitated to remove the dirt. The pure water collects and drags the dirt off the surface.

Rinsing can be done through the brush, the brush can be angled, or the brush can be held away from the glass to allow the stream to rinse with less brush movement.

IWCA Water-Fed Pole Safety Presentation: Small PDF (2.2Mb) ·  Large PDF (6.2Mb) ·  PowerPoint (6.3 Mb)