The Sky Genie system from Descent Control is an integrated system of rope descending equipment for all kinds of exterior building maintenance. Unlike other descent methods, which are a collection of components from many different makers, the Sky Genie System is made up of carefully matched components that are designed to work together. Your safety comes first. The Sky Genie System is simple and easy to learn, but requires training from an experienced professional. A video training CD is available to assist you in learning the basics of Sky Genie descent. However, the video alone will not be sufficient unless you supplement it with on the job training. Independently Anchored Safety Line with a Rope Grab and Lanyard is required for safe use. See pages 49 - 61 for additional safety equipment and accessories for high rise work. Consult your local OSHA office for specific regulations.

  • Sky Genie 1/2"Sky Genie 1/2"
    Construction: 18 braids of nylon fiber for maximum strength. Tensile Strength: 5,000 lbs. High temperature with Shock absorbing elasticity, Preformed eye at each end with a length of abrasion protection, each line stamped with serial number and assembly date. 100'