Some window cleaners will detail with 0000 steel wool to remove dried water spots after the job is done

Many scrubbing materials are available attached to a sponge or in a round shape designed for polishers to increase their usefulness

  • White Scrubber PadsWhite Scrubber Pads
    These white scrub pads are ideal for the application of stain removal products to help clean a variety of surfaces. These pads work best with pastes and powders.
  • Round Scrubbing & Polishing PadsRound Scrubbing & Polishing Pads
    Round Scrubbing & Polishing Pads for use with powertools.
  • Other ScrubbersOther Scrubbers
    A variety of other scrubbers to use on stubborn stains. Won't scratch, but removes tougher stains.
  • Steel Wool Steel Wool
    Use this product for glass polishing and aggressive stain removal on a variety of surfaces.
  • Bronze WoolBronze Wool
    This Bronze Wool will remove some hard-water spots on their own.
  • Bottles & Sprayers Bottles & Sprayers

Along with scrubbers, scrapers are often used to aid in the removal of heavy buildup or glass stains