• Black Mamba Aluminum ChannelsBlack Mamba Aluminum Channels
    The Sörbo Black Mamba Adjustable Squeegee with 90 degree ends is excellent for extension pole work and straight strokes.
  • Cobra Aluminum ChannelsCobra Aluminum Channels
    Grooved channel allows you to adjust blade stiffness and to squeegee with minimum pressure. Plastic ends won't scratch frames.
  • Eliminator Aluminum ChannelsEliminator Aluminum Channels
    Each swipe removes the same amount of water as 5 window cleaners using an 18” channel. Lightweight and excelent for large store fronts.
  • Quicksilver Aluminum ChannelsQuicksilver Aluminum Channels
    The most durable model. Excellent for use with the S-Technique since they clean closer to the frame and into corners.