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Joseph D. Walters nationally provides over 35 year experience insuring contractors in the power wash, roof and window cleaning industry.

At Joseph D Walters, we believe that the more you know about pressure washing insurance the better you can protect yourself. Talk to anyone at our agency and get smarter about protecting yourself from financial disaster. Because what you donít know CAN hurt you.

Tom Svrcek

As the owner of a pressure washing business you have your hands full running your business, managing schedules, maintaining equipment and making your customers happy. That leaves little time to focus on buying the right pressure washing insurance plan. There is a huge difference on what you need versus what other agents sell you. If youíve never been a pressure washing contractor before, you donít know what to buy or how much. Thatís where we can help.

Weíve been insuring pressure washing contractors for over 35 years. We know your business and what you need to protect yourself from financial disaster. Our pressure washing insurance program has exclusive coverages and exclusive benefits. So it doesnít matter if you call yourself a pressure wash, pressure washing, pressure washer, power wash, power washing or power washer contractor, we can help you choose whatís best for you because we understand your industry!

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