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Sheer Glass Water Stain Remover
02-07-2012, 10:52 AM (This post was last modified: 02-13-2012 07:07 AM by Greg Garcia.)
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Sheer Glass Water Stain Remover
Hello Window Cleaners,

I have a new product that cleans hard water spots off windows. We had a booth in New Orleans at the last IWCA convention. Now I not going to try and twist anybodies arm and know many people think other products are the best. But until you try our product your just banging your head against a window. Our product takes off everything I've ever found on glass 100% without scratching or etching the windows and you do not have to wear gloves. It's patented formula is the perfect combination of solvents, emulsifiers, polishing agents and cleaners. The results are pretty amazing!
It cleans , polishes and leaves a protective coating behind so that water sheets off. I've tested it on the worst water stained glass I could find and it removed 100% of the stains but did not remove etching or scratches. This new product works so good power buffers are not needed! As a professional window cleaner myself for over 35 years all I can say is that I have tried everything else out there and this works the best period! Take a look at our web site and see video for your self just search the media section and also we have a MSDS you can look at.
Thank you for reading !

Greg Garcia
Sheer Glass Water Stain Remover and Multi Surface Cleaner
Morello Company
3700 Easton Drive #9
Bakersfield, California 93309
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