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Smartwash Dosing Manual

The ProTool Smartwash Dosing System is a truck mounted soft wash blending system that perfectly mixes your chemicals at the mix rates you choose.  Carry 50 gallons of SH in the storage tank and 7 gallons in the mix tank to provide more than a full days spraying capacity.

This system is typically used for mixing either SH and Sticky with water and offers a Post Rinse neutralizing spray for Building Exterior, Siding and Decks that mixes Post Rinse with water.

The ProTool Smartwash Dosing System provides precise and constant dosage at various flow rates and eliminates all risks of under or over dosing. SH-capable, the Dosing System supports a wide range of liquid concentrates. It is externally adjustable and operates continuously.

The 7 Gallon Mix Tank is used to avoid Mix Ratio concerns when refilling the 50 gallon storage tank. Get the precise surfactant mic ratio you need as the chemical ratio amount is perfectly mixed every time in the 7 gallon SH tank by adding just one pint of Sticky Surfactant.


House Mix for Cleaning Mold & Mildew

  • 7 gallons of SH 12.5%
  • Add 1 bottle of Sticky Detergent
  • Yields 70 gallons of spraying power
  • Set mix ring # to 10 and up to 17 for stronger mix (2%)


 Roof for Cleaning Clean Mold & Mildew

  • 7 gallons of SH 12.5%
  • 1/2 bottle of Sticky Detergent 
  • Yields 30 gallons of spraying power
  • Set mix ring # to 25


Mixing other Chemicals
Set the Mix Ring to:
5%           20 to 1       6.4 oz. per gallon
6%           16 to 1       8 oz. per gallon
8%           12 to 1      10 oz. per gallon
10%         10 to 1      13 oz. per gallon
13%           8 to 1      17 oz. per gallon
15%           7 to 1      19 oz. per gallon
20%           5 to 1      26 oz. per gallon
25%           4 to 1      32 oz. per gallon



Simple and Precise to use

To start:

  • Use the Stinger to fill the 50 gallon SH - bleach tank, set the fill valves and turn on the electric pump, switch the valve to fill the right 7 gallon mix tank
    • Add 1 bottle (16oz) of Sticky to right tote
  • Add Post Rinse & Water mix to the left tote
    •  3 gallons Post Rinse & 4 gallons water


You are ready to head out…

  • At the Job Site set the Spraying Valve to SH- Spraying
    • Adjust the percentage ring to your mix ratio (Roof Mix 25%, House mix 10 to 12%)
  • Set the Draw Valve Horizontal to draw from Right SH Tank
  • Attach a garden hose to the input side, open flow and start spraying  
  • When the Right SH Mix tank is near Empty, the site support worker or operator can refill the mix Tank
    • Insure the valves are set to draw from 50 ga tank and send to Right SH tank
    • Use the Electric Pump to transfer 7 Gallons of SH – Bleach to the mix tank
      • This takes just 90 second or so…
    • Add 1 bottle (16oz) of Sticky to right tote after filling…
    • Where there are two people working … this refill task can be done while the soft wash spraying operator continues on.

Building Exteriors and Siding, Decks will want a neutralizing rinse

  • Set the Draw Valve Vertical to draw from Left Post Rinse Tank
    • Check to Adjust the percentage ring to the Post Rinse mix ratio (10%)
  • When the hose clears out from SH mix spray … Spray the Post Rinse mix liberally on the surface to neutralize and leave a light protective sealer.


Once you are finished cleaning: 

You need to clean out the 12v pump. To do so,

  • Place the stinger into the Post Rinse tote.
  • Set the Draw Valve Vertical to draw from Left Post Rinse Tank
  • Disconnect the Quick Connect on the Left side of the system
  • Place a bucket underneath.
  • Turn on the 12v pump and empty out 20 to 30 ounces of cup worth of fluid. (A couple Grande cups of coffee reconnect the left Quick Connector.
  • Review the Manual for exact location of 12v pump rinse Quick Connector


You also need to rinse the Dosatron

Note: if you have been cleaning with Post Rinse, this step is unnecessary).

  • Turn the spraying Valve off (horizontal)
  • Set the draw valve vertical to the Post Rinse setting.
  • Disconnect the Quick Connector to the right of the Dosing Bell (before the Reel)
  • Slowly Turn on the spraying Valve and send the mix along to run out to a bucket via the quick connect for 20 to 30 ounces (a couple grande coffee cups) of Post Rinse solution. 


System Includes:

  • (1) 50 Gallon SH Storage Tank
  • (2) 7 gallon chemical mix tanks
  • Whip Draw Tube
  • 100ft Supply Hose
  • 50ft Delivery Hose
  • 4-Tip Chem Nozzle
  • Trigger Sprayer
  • Stinger


Valve Placements:








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