H2Pro Max Cart 110v Electric Pump

This professional yet easy to use cart-based water purification unit offers great performance in a compact format. The commercial pump offers a boost in psi where water pressure is low.

Item Code: 150-0559
Weight: 115.00LB
Model: 10040-110
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H2Pro Max 110v Electric - Great on demand pure water production

RODI Pro water purification system by RHG

Easily produce RO or DI water from this carts for cleaing a variety of surfaces.

Use RO water on Shiny non-glass surfaces to avoid water spotting, car and truck wash, polished granite/stone, painted metal surfaces,  Awnings, Alucabond panels and solar panels can all be cleaned and rinsed with RO Water. (Below 50 TDS output)

When cleaning window glass use the DI Resin cartridge to polish the RO water down below 10tds.

This H2Pro 110v Powered Cart system Includes:

(1) 30in Carbon Filter with replaceable filter insert
(1) 40in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes
(1) 30in Deionization Filter with replaceable filter insert
(1) 110v Vane pump for high-capacity with pressure regulator
   Filters are easy to replace
(1) Water Inlet, (1) RO Water Outlet, (1) DI Water Outlet and (1) Bypass Water Outlet Fittings
(1) RO Only Water source valve

This RO Valve also supports Permeate flush to flush away RO creep water and extend the life of your DI Resin Cartridge

(1) DI Water source valve
(1) Bypass (waste) water valve

Bypass valve controls pressure side flushing and production mode use.

(1) Pressure Gauge
(4) EZ Click Clamps
(1) Red Powdercoated Frame
(2) Wheels for portability

Convenient placement of all hose input and ouput ports

Weight (Dry) 130lbs

- This H2Pro Max 110v  is a commercial grade Water Purification System for on demand water production supporting to Water fed poles.

Alternative Power Sources: This commercial grade pump unit needs 110v current at 1.5amps and can be run off a large inverter or small generator (1800 watts recommended) where 110v outlets are hard to find.


1500% longer Carbon filter life for fewer changes
Best 40"x4" RO membrane flow in the industry
75% more Resin than most systems for longer filter life and loweer Resin replacement cost








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