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ProTool Clever Softwash Sprayer is easy to use:
Just fill the 7ga Chemical tote, add a bottle of Sticky or other chemical, Hook the Sprayer up to the tap and start spraying.

This water-powered spraying system perfectly mixes your chemicals at the mix rates that you choose.
Typically used for Mixing SH (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 12.5% and Sticky surfactant with water for cleaning structures.
And just about any Building Cleaning Chemical can be sprayed...
The sprayer is capable mixing and spraying most chemical concentrates.

  • Easy to setup and use the Clever Sprayer provides precise and constant dosage at various flow rates.
  • SH-capable, the Clever Sprayer also supports a wide range of liquid or soluble concentrates
  • The Clever injectors proportional system eliminates all risks of under or overdosing.
  • Externally adjustable and operates continuously
  • Just set it and use it


  • Cart, filtration, Dosing System, two 7-gallon Tote with Draw Tube lid
  • Spray Wand GH attach and 4 tips: 30 size in stream and fan spray
  • Delivery Hose

General Cleaning vs Mold/Mildew Removal:
The Detergent, Soap or Degreaser you use with the Clever Sprayer is performing the cleaning.
The SH, Bleach is used to remove the mold and mildew.

Use soaps and detergents alone where there is no mold or mildew present.

Several solutions ready in the 7 Gallon totes with different chemistry
for the cleaning and mold removal you are planning.

House Mix for Cleaning Mold and Mildew
7 Gallons of SH 12.5%
- Add 1 bottle of Sticky Detergent
- Yields 70 gallons of spraying power.
- Set Mix Ring # to 10 and up to 17 for a stronger mix (2%)

Roof for Cleaning Mold and Mildew
- 7 Gallons of SH 12.5% 1/2 bottle of Sticky Detergent
- Yields 30 gallons of spraying power.
- Set Mix Ring # to 25

General Cleaning with detergents and degreasers
Use the Clever Sprayer to mix and spray most cleaning solutions, either from the 7 gal. tote or draw directly from a chemical bucket or bottle with the whip draw tube.

Mixing other Chemicals
Set the Mix Ring to:
5%           20 to 1       6.4 oz. per gallon
6%           16 to 1       8 oz. per gallon
8%           12 to 1     10 oz. per gallon
10%           10 to 1     13 oz. per gallon
13%           8 to 1   17 oz. per gallon
15%           7 to 1   19 oz. per gallon
20%           5 to 1   26 oz. per gallon
25%           4 to 1   32 oz. per gallon


Water pressure at the site will dictate flow.

  •  At 60psi and above, you have great flow
  •  At 50psi flow is adequate
  •  At less than 50psi, you�lll have flow, but the cleaning will slow down (a small boost pump can be employed to increase the pressure)
  •  The system has a regulator to protect from pressure above 70psi

Start of Job
     1) Put 7 gallons of bleach in tote
            - Add 14 oz. of sticky to tote for 1%
            - Add 7 oz. of sticky to tote for 3%
     2) Attach tote to clever injector
     3) Attach a garden hose to the input side
     4) Attach a delivery hose and wand to the output side
     5) Adjust the percentage ring to your mix ratio

When using 12.5% SH
Set by loosening the locking ring and twirling the housing to set the indicator at the appropriate number between 10 and 25 (to adjust from 1 - 3%)

  • Set to 25 for 3% mix & you will get 28 gallons of solution produced at the wand from the 7 gallons of SH
  • Set to 17 for 2% mix & you will get 55 Gallons of solution.
  • Set to 10 for 1% mix & you will get 70 gallons of solution produced at the wand from the 7 gallons of SH

Start Cleaning
    1)   Turn on the water
    2)   Press the black button on the top of the clever injector to burp air out of blue doser
             (do this every now and again as a habit)

You are done
Clear water rinse by disconnecting the draw tube from the chem tank and use the provided (clear) water line to draw water from a bucket through the clever injector and mixing chamber to clear the SH from the bottom part.


Final Rinse chemistry: 3 gallons of Final Rinse and 4 gallons of water set to 10% setting

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