Pad Orbital 5in Bronze Wool
5 inch Bronze Pad replacement - Bronze Wool for Hard Water, Glass, Tile, Metal & Windshields
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CATEGORIES: Glass Polishing Pads and Polisher

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Product Description

Product Overview

Hard water removal from glass has never been easier. The Woolit™ Gold Cleaning Pad - 5" Orbital is a re-useable hard water removal, cleaning, and polishing pad.  Guaranteed soft, tough, safe, and non-scratch on glass. It’s the only pad specifically designed for hard water removal from auto/marine/RV windshields, shower doors, glass table tops, windows and more. 
  • Fits any hook & loop Velcro 5" polishing/sanding tool!
  • Reusable
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Optimized for hard water removal
  • Uses: Windshields, windows, mirrors, shower doors, glass table tops, pool & tile, porcelain, ceramic stove tops, glass table tops and more.
  • Other Uses: Marine cleaning, boat cleaning, woodworking, wood finishing, and paint stripping, Teak, Mahogany, Hardwood finishing.
  • Woolit™ Super Soft #0000 Steel Wool Textile

Product Details

The Woolit™ Gold Cleaning Pad - 5" Orbital provides a mechanical advantage to those needing extra polishing, sanding, or cleaning. It is ideal for exterior applications, such as window cleaning and marine because it is rust-resistant and durable. It is also well suited for hard water removal from auto windshield, windows, and shower doors. It is hook and loop compatible and fits any 5" Orbital Polisher. Composed of an advanced superfine textile woven into a soft backing material, the Woolit™ Gold Cleaning Pad - 5" Orbital pad is soft enough not to scratch but tough enough to remove hard water stains and dirt.

Recommended Usage:
Best when used with Mr. Hard Water™ Powder - an unbeatable combination for hard water removal.  

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