G Force Concrete Cleaner Gal
Enzyme-Based Concrete Cleaner
Effective, safe, heavy-duty for concrete & other surfaces
“Green” yet effective as solvent cleaners
Spray & rinse most surfaces, scrape porous surfaces
Buy 4 or more and save
Item Code: 320-601
Weight: 8.60LB
Model: 10304
CATEGORIES: Concrete, Stone & Masonry Cleaners



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Product Description
Mix Ratios:
Hard Surface Cleaning, Concrete, Cement, Asphalt as well as Porous Surface Cleaning and Soils: Add One Gallon of G-Force to One gallon of water. Rinse surface with water first then apply to the dampened surface, let dwell till stain disappears

Equipment Cleaning: Add 25 to 40oz of G-Force to 1 gallon of Water spray on allow to dwell then rinse. Pressure Washing will speed the results Pressure Wash off the heavy materials then spray on at the 50-50 ratio above and let dwell. Pressure wash again from bottom up.
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