ProTool Chem Sprayer Gun w/ 2 Batteries
Item Code: 74-1270



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Product Description

The ProTool Power Sprayer is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use sprayers on the market. This sprayer is compatible with most liquid chemicals. This sprayer is ideal for anyone who is tired of having to constantly pump while spraying large areas. Its interchangeable and adjustable nozzles make it the perfect tool for a vareity of spraying applications. This kit only comes with one lance. 


-Flow rate steadily controllable

-Pressure up to 90 psi

-No electricity or heavy batteries

-Special diaphragm pump - withstanding most acidic chemicals

-Shooting a stream up to 30' high

-2.6Ah rechargeable Lithium Ion battery ideal for large spray spots

-Telescopic spray lance provides extra length to spray hard to reach places

-Multi-directional swivel


-Industrial grade Viton seals for long life

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