X-Jet M5 Variable Long Range 4g4000psi
X-JET M5 works just like the Original X-Jet, but the close-range nozzle is replaced by a built-in adjustable nozzle that projects chemicals or other liquids to vertical heights up to 40 feet at 0 setting or 8 feet fan pattern at 60 with just a twist. Includes 15 piece proportioner set, shut off ball valve, mushroom strainer and 12 feet of suction hose. 4,000psi, 4gpm.
Item Code: 74-5711
Model: XJETM5-13K



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Product Description
Proportioner Tip Chart

Proportioner Spraying Volume Chart

This chart illustrates the amount of Cleaning Chemical derived from a 5 gallon Pail of 12.5% SH when using different Proportioner tips and the suggested amount of Surfactant to add to the pail.

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