Cleaner Times Pressure Washer Guidebook
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Product Description

The Most Definitive Pressure Washing
Resource Book for the Industry.

111 Illustrated Chapters | 36 Reference Files | Bonus Chemical Glossary and Marketing Glossary

Part I

Small Business
4 Chapters including:

        Setting Up Your First Office

        Small Business Documents-Knowing What You Need

        Breaking Bad Habits

Part II

Marketing Your Service Business
16 Chapters including:

        Developing Your Brand Image

        Building Your Company's Service Bundles

        Making the Most of Your Company's Online Presence

        Managing Your Sales Leads and Utilizing Consultative Sales

        Providing Excellent Customer Service

Part III

Cleaning Applications
27 Chapters including:

        Creating and Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

        Introduction to Detergents

        Environmental Concerns

        House Washing

        Wooden Decks and Fences

        Cleaning Agricultural Equipment

Part IV

Service Technician Training
64 Chapters including:

        The Service Technician

        Service Tool Basics

        Setting Up a Service Shop


Part V

Reference Files

        Water flow for nozzle sizes and pressures

        Spray angle coverage

        Oil burner altitude correction factors

        Spray nozzle formulas

Part VI


        Chemical glossary

        Marketing glossary


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