Scratch Removal System Pro
Item Code: 76-50
Model: 106-1000
CATEGORIES: Scratch Repair Kits



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Product Description

Perfect for use on all types of surface damage ranging from scratches, hard water etching, etched/scratched graffiti, this kit offers a simplified 3 step grinding/polishing process that removes scratchs are etching damage of all sizes, quickly wihtout discernible distortion. 

This system contains the following:

  • 3" pad adaptor
  • 5" pad adaptor
  • 8" rasp file
  • 5" felt polishing pad
  • 10pk 3" black polishing disks
  • 10pk 3" gray polishing disks
  • 10pk 5" black polishing disks
  • 10pk 5" gray polishing disks
  • pouch of dry polishing compound
  • dusk mask

Requires a variable speed polisher with 5/8-11 thread spindle. Spray bottle w/ 16oz of clean water & eye protection.

Recommend to also have drop cloth for work area and non-contact thermometer.

Whats in the kit:

Glass Renu in use:

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