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Pigeon Mountain Ind. High Rise Safety Tools

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Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to ascend and descend high rise. We at J.Racenstein make sure that the safety of all our professional clients is uncomprosized.

All Pigeon Mountain Ind. High Rise Safety Tools Products

  • Etrier Four Step PMI
    Item #: 98-541 MPN: SG51040 UPC: 669893938854
    Regular Price: $38.95
    In Stock
    PPI: 10774
  • Rappel Rack Bar Tender Pouch PMI
    Item #: 98-550 MPN: SG51167 UPC: 669893938878
    Regular Price: $15.95
    In Stock
    PPI: 10451.86
  • Gear Pocket PMI
    Item #: 98-551 MPN: SG51168 UPC: 767719037030
    Regular Price: $31.45
    In Stock
    PPI: 10227.7
  • Daisy Chain 3ft PMI
    Item #: 98-545 MPN: SG51035 UPC: 767719026539
    Regular Price: $17.95
    In Stock
    PPI: 10189.44


By serving brand like DBI/Sala, J.Rcaenstein, Madcap Safety Products, Moerman, Pigeon Mountain Ind. we make sure our clients receive quality products at their door step whenever they order anything from our website.

We provide all types of safety products needed for high rise jobs like tool bungee lanyard which is for rugged climbing cord loop allows for quick cinching, Safety Cord that can hold much heavier items like electric drill and impact driver, Strap tether connector used when working on ladders or on high-rise, Smart phone lanyard, Etrier which you can attach to an anchorage by top loop and ascend steps like a soft stepladder, • Bucket Harness allows the user to attach their bucket to the chair or lift so that the the bucket will not be able to fall to the ground and many more.