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Gardiner Pole Systems Gardiner Extensions

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We provide Gardiner Extensions for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be handy.

All Gardiner Pole Systems Gardiner Extensions Products

Gardiner Pole Extensions Modular Pole Extender is a Standard Modular Extension #10 - Can be fitted onto a Super Max 50 or onto the SLX 39 & Super Max 45 with an Extension #9 fitted It can be fitted onto an Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47 and Full Carbon Fibre Extension Section - Featuring the Gardiner Smart Clamps. We recommend that no more than 4 of these are used with an Xtreme 47 pole and Extra Working Reach: 5.25ft - Comes with #9 end cap fitted.

Gardiner SuperMax HM Carbon Replacement Sections comes with High Modulus Carbon Fiber Sections. It has a very Sturdy Pole Sections for the SuperMax pole and It comes with a easy Replacement Sections include the Clamp and Lever.

Adapter Section #2 Gardiner allow poles to have the top #1 section removed and replaced with this adapter. Goosenecks then fit into the adapter and improves rigidity and strength of poles in use.