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Water Fed Poles

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We provide Water fed poles from brands like Ettore, Gardiner pole systems, Moerman, PressurePro, ProTools, Unger, etc. for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while cleaning and prove to be useful.

All Water Fed Poles Products

Tucker Original Water Fed Brush comes with polyurethane foam center designed especially for washing large windows with no horizontal dividers. Long outsides bristles are flared to get in corners and clean trim around the glass.Tucker is the gold standard when it comes to Water Fed Pole Brushes! Tucker Brushes are available in the three basic brush materials: Nylon, Boar's Hair and Hybrid. Tucker Brushes provide great scrubbing power as well as durability and will fit on all modern water fed poles. In fact, all of our popular are fitted with Tucker poles. Tucker Brushes are available in 12 or 18-inches with multiple jet configurations. Many popular add on accessories are also available to purchase including the Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar and the Ticker Swivel Gooseneck which allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Tucker Brush Boar Hair for Euro Water Fed Poles is a lightweight Boar's hair brush that will fit plastic angle goosenecks. When you need the most aggressive scrubbing brush to tackle built-up dirt, this Tucker Brush is your top contender. This brush features natural boars hair bristles that scrub away dirt and grime with ease. Each Tucker brush is outfitted with a centralized tee fitting that has a common euro thread socket so it threads onto a standard waterfed pole. The push to fit fitting makes a quick connection to your supply hose to get water flowing through the brush. Choose from either 4 pencil jets, great for hydrophilic glass, or 4 fan jets for hydrophobic glass. Sitting on a 10 inch block, select the 12 inch brush for more precision, or the 18 inch style to work larger areas. Size measured by width of bristles, not block length. Brush fitting style may vary.

The AquaClean hybrid 18-inch brush includes two pair jets, leaving glass perfectly clean. It is equipped with two pencil jets, leaving glass perfectly clean. The aquaclean nylon and boar's hair brush has soft bristles to remove any dirt or debris from any window or surface. The water jet are more from high quality brass fittings that sprays water just enough to cover large lengths of windows or surfaces. Keep in mind that the 14 inch brush only has a single pair of jets, while the 18 inch has a double pair of jets.

Ettore AquaClean Clamps are replacement clamps for the section indicated to replace a broken clamp. It increases pole length for easy cleaning purpose. Its made up of a strong material which provides extra sturdiness.

Accessories play a very vital role in executing the cleaning tasks for windows and gardening. A missing piece of accessory can lead to complete halt of the cleaning process and we recommend you to always have such important accessories in spare to run your business uninterrupted.

Their is no other way to run your water fed cleaning setups in a much reliable way with using Gardiner brand accessories and no other website other than JRacenstein.com to shop for them.

Gardiner Extensions, Control Bars, Kevlar Sections, Sectional Components, SuperMax HM Carbon Sections, Replacement Gardiner Clamps, Pole Hose Connectors, Gardiner Pole Hose, Pole Adaptors, WFP Brushes, CLX/SLX Replacement Parts, Carbon & Alloy Goosenecks, Gardiner End Caps, XTreme HM Carbon Sections, SLX Carbon Sections, CLX Carbon Composite Sections and many more, we have all the accessories for you to choose for your precise requirement.

There is increased awareness of the dangers that working from ladders poses to the window cleaner. Gardiner is a leading brand in water fed pole cleaning technology allowing greater access to even more windows whilst keeping both feet firmly on the ground and JRacenstein is privileged to provide Gardiner's water fed poles on our website.

Gardiner Pole Systems designs to provide the lightest, most efficient and easiest to use water fed pole equipment available in the world without compromise. By using our equipment you can significantly reduce the possible effects of RSI and other work related strains on your body. This will improve your working day and will help ensure that you can carry out your work with the minimum of strain.

The more efficiently you are able to work the more profitable your business will be. Due to the light weight and rigidity of our class-leading range of high-performance water fed poles, goosenecks and brushes, you will be able to operate at maximum speed & efficiency.

Angle Adaptor for EURO tip Water Fed Poles combine with an extension pole to use tools and brushes in hard-to-reach areas. Euro Universal threaded end fits any standard pole and brushes. Can be combined with other adapters to create more unique angles. Great for high and hard-to-reach jobs Set and lock in 13 different working angles. Suitable for use with painting tools, window cleaning tools and dusters

TDS AP1 Handheld TDS Meter is highly accurate, water-resistant meter with a range of 0-9999 ppm, onscreen temperature display, digital calibration and a large, horizontal LCD screen. Features an attractive modern design in a retail-ready box. It is a handheld water quality tester which, with a modern design is perfect for today’s tech-savvy and health-conscience consumer.

Wooden Pole Tip is manufactured from maple and is used to hold a variety of tools to the end of a telescopic pole. ACME Threads with a steel reinforcing ring and a tapered tip provide an exceptional grip on the attached tool. This is the most popular pole tip used by professionals.

Pad Scrub White 6x9 (1) can be used with Long Handle Scrubber or with your hand. It is ideal for the application of stain removal products. 6"x9" Basic White Scrub pads are safe on glass and work great for scrubbing the glass clean of dirt and debris before starting your tint job. Cleaning, non-abrasive, for light clean up jobs on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel and painted surfaces. It is safe to use in the defrost lines on the rear window.