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Buckets, Brushes, and Towels

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Rectangular Buckets are popular for wetting and rinsing your Washer- T-Bar combination, the round buckets are available in a wide range of colors.

Natural Sea Sponges are long lasting detailing sponges for absorbing water left by the squeegee when closing out.

Towels are available as Microfiber, Surgical, Terry and Turkish in many sizes with the natural Chamois is also a popular choice

All Buckets, Brushes, and Towels Products

  • Holster Bucket on a Belt NINJA Unger
    Item #: 48-24 MPN: BB010 UPC: 761475612104
    Regular Price: $60.40
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    PPI: 37000
  • Bucket BigPro Complete Unger
    Item #: 20-209 MPN: <-- KIT --> UPC: 00669893028722
    Regular Price: $116.10
    In Stock
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    PPI: 35027.28
  • Holster Bucket on a Belt Classic Unger
    Item #: 48-21 MPN: BB020 UPC: 761475625142
    Regular Price: $57.35
    In Stock
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    PPI: 29500
  • Holster Henrys Double Unger
    Item #: 49-22 MPN: HT000 UPC: 761475620727
    Regular Price: $47.35
    In Stock
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    PPI: 25220
  • Bucket BigPro Unger
    Item #: 20-211 MPN: QB220 UPC: 761475613484
    Regular Price: $66.80
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 12970.78
  • Belt w/two loops Unger
    Item #: 50-20 MPN: UB000 UPC: 761475625081
    Regular Price: $43.10
    In Stock
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    PPI: 12500
  • Trigger Sprayer on a belt r 1Qt
    Item #: 515-101 MPN: SOABG UPC: 761475613682
    Regular Price: $45.40
    In Stock
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    PPI: 12417.8
  • Bucket BigPro Lid Unger
    Item #: 20-212 MPN: QB080 UPC: 761475619806
    Regular Price: $19.95
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 11110.45
  • Bucket BigPro Drain Tray Unger
    Item #: 20-213 MPN: QB060 UPC: 761475631662
    Regular Price: $33.70
    In Stock
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    PPI: 10946.05
  • Trigger Only for Sprayer on a belt
    Item #: 515-102 MPN: 12946 UPC: 00669893032651
    Regular Price: $3.55
    In Stock
    PPI: 10132.24
  • Ninja Scraper Holster
    Item #: 37-22 MPN: HT150 UPC: 761475648929
    Regular Price: $35.80
    In Stock
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    PPI: 8410
  • Holster ErgoTec Padded Belt Unger
    Item #: 50-21 MPN: BSTBT UPC: 761475628129
    Regular Price: $38.55
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 5170
  • Towel Microfiber 16x16 Unger
    Item #: 24-21 MPN: MF40L UPC: 761475633604
    Regular Price: $8.90
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 5000
  • Holster ErgoTec Pouch Unger
    Item #: 50-24 MPN: BSPOU UPC: 761475608909
    Regular Price: $40.70
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 4000
  • Microwipe 16x16 Ninja Pocket Towel
    Item #: 24-26 MPN: MN40U UPC: 761475647403
    Regular Price: $10.70
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 1530
  • Bucket Handle BigPro Unger
    Item #: 21-201 MPN: 10941 UPC: 00669893061279
    Available Mid July
    PPI: -10005

Buckets, Brushes, Towels

For seasoned window cleaners, buckets and other accessories are crucial. Choose from buckets that hold between 3.5 and 6 litres of water that are rectangular or circular. Jracenstein carries buckets made by Unger, Ettore, Pulex, Sorbo, and other manufacturers. These buckets can sustain regular usage because they are composed of strong, resilient plastic. Different colours are also in stock, depending on the brand. There are also available bucket accessories including lids, handles, clips, casters, and sieves. For more supplies, see the whole inventory at www.JRacenstein.com.

"Bucket Blue Complete" from Pulex can hold 6 gallons (22 litres) and also organises essential window cleaning tools.

In towels we provides a wide range of products like the Cotton turkish towels, Surgical towels, microfiber towels, Chamois, etc. with different material quality and sizes from brands like JRacenstein, Ettore and Unger.

Ettore's "MicroSwipe Microfiber Towel" utilize friction and static electricity to clean up dirt, oils and moisture without any additional cleaning chemicals. These are highly absorbent and lint free and definitely recommended.

Brushes are ideal for high reach cleaning and great for ducts, screens, and vents and are a useful tool. The "Brush Ceiling Fan" from Ettore slides over fan blades to clean top and bottom at one time and the oval shapes makes it simple to clean various sizes of fan blades. 

Also the "Cobweb Brush w/ 54in pole" from Ettore cleans all surfaces with electrostatic action: cobwebs, walls, ceilings, window screens and more.