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Window Cleaning Kits

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Window cleaning kits can be very handy for individuals who are keen to keep their home windows neat and clean. Also these are designed for the professionals to help them achieve the desired results to achieve pro results.

All Window Cleaning Kits Products

  • Window Cleaning Kit JRC
    Item #: 12-0101a MPN: <-- KIT --> UPC: 00669893014732
    Regular Price: $488.60
    Available Late July
    PPI: 385034.18
  • Unger 60th Anniversary Kit
    Item #: 12-207 MPN: AK60Y UPC: 00669893059894
    Regular Price: $88.20
    In Stock
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    PPI: 100000
  • Kit PRO Window Unger
    Item #: 12-206 MPN: PWK00 UPC: 761475600224
    Regular Price: $257.35
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 12501.8
  • Eagle Pro Window Kit IPC
    Item #: 12-322 MPN: WKT001 UPC: 00669893014831
    Regular Price: $300.15
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 11680.3
  • Ettore Professional Window Cleaning Kit
    Item #: 12-103 MPN: 04910 UPC: 032611049109
    Regular Price: $295.25
    In Stock
    Summer Weekend Savings (View in Cart)

    PPI: 2320
  • Congratulations Welcome Kit Ettore
    Item #: 12-105 MPN: 2508 UPC: 032611025080
    Regular Price: $145.10
    Available Late July
    PPI: -9215
  • Professional Window Cleaning Kit Ettore
    Item #: E04991 MPN: 04991 UPC: 032611049918
    Regular Price: $22.85
    Available Late July
    PPI: -10005

Window Cleaning Kits

Nowadays window cleaning kits are every online buyers first choice as they save a huge amount of time required to create a buying cart where you need to select every individual product a person may require for window cleaning. It also saves the additional time involved in researching these individual items and going thru their buyer reviews individually. Kits provide a one stop complete solution as per individuals need as whether the requirement is limited to a home or for professionals who have to work upon sky scrappers. 

Window cleaning kits are designed as per market demand and types of consumers from basic to advance one will definitely find the exact fit  provided by the well known brands JRacenstein makes available like Ettore, Unger, etc.

These kits basically consists of Squeegee handles and blades, different types of channels, dispenser bottles, poles, sleeves, t-bars, grips, etc.