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Commercial Ultimate Kit

Quick Overview

  • Gardiner Xtreme High Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • H2PRO MAX RODI 110V pump
  • Upto 80 feet Commercial Water Fed Cleaning Kit
  • Two Operators
  • Can be extended

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Commercial Ultimate Kit

This is the BEST combination for Commercial Water Fed Cleaning. The Gardiner Xtreme is the LIGHTEST pole in the market. Paired with the H2PRO MAX this combination can reach heights of 80 feet and two operators. The XTREME kit to hammer out those large commercial jobs. 

Gardiner Xtreme 47ft

The Gardiner X3 Xtreme 47 ft pole is the lightest pole on the market -- with a 52 feet working reach and weighing just over 5 pounds! Made from modulus carbon fiber, this the ideal pole for doing commercial work all day, every day. Extensions can also be added, allowing the pole to extend up to 72 feet! Improved in 2019, the X3 Xtremes are 15% more rigid and 20% stronger than previous Series II Extreme poles.


H2Pro Max 110v Electric - Great on demand pure water production.
RODI Pro water purification system by RHG. Easily produce RO or DI water from this carts for cleaing a variety of surfaces.

Use RO water on Shiny non-glass surfaces to avoid water spotting, car and truck wash, polished granite/stone, painted metal surfaces, Awnings, Alucabond panels and solar panels can all be cleaned and rinsed with RO Water. (Below 50 TDS output)

When cleaning window glass use the DI Resin cartridge to polish the RO water down below 10tds.

The Gardiner line of poles are nicely improved. Special features include quick-loq brush & adapters for easy accessory changes. Thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing pole. Levers now have an aluminum pivot nut.

Xtreme 47ft HM Carbon Fiber pole is a 9 section hi-modulous telscopic pole. Ideal for commercial work. Its the Ultimate in lightness & rigidity. Ideal for constant high work. Has 3 clamping points on each section. Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick loq goosneck, all season hose & connector. Base handle section has outer insulated layer for safety. Has the option to add extension pieces.

The lightest, most compact range of high-level telescopic water-fed poles in the world.

      • The perfect balance of light weight, rigidity, and strength
      • 52-Foot Working Reach, up to 72 feet with extensions
      • Includes Quick Loq Super Litebrush and adapters, Quic Loq Gooseneck for easy accessory changes, plus “All Season” Pole and hose connector
      • Thicker clamp, grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing the pole.
      • 9-Section High Modulus Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole
      • Insulated base handle section for added safety
      • Additional extension pieces available allowing you to extend up to 72 feet! (Photo to the right shows the X3 Xtreme with 6 extensions)

H2 Pro Cart
  • More Stable base for easier transport
  • Changed the top handle for easier transport
  • Filter changes are easier to accomplish
  • Same long term performance


  • 1) 110v Vane pump for high-capacity with pressure regulator
  • (1) 30in Carbon Filter
  • (1) 40in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes
  • (1) 30in Deionization
  • (DI) FilterInlet/Outlet Fittings
  • (RO) Bybass valve for RO Cleaning of
  • Solar Panels, Awnings and RO Premeate flush.
  • (RO) Waste water valve
  • EZ Click Clamps
  • Red Powdercoated Frame
  • Wheels for portability
  • Weight (dry) 68lbs
  • Pressure Guage

Kit Includes:

Xtreme 47 Pole and Brush

H2Pro MAX RODI system with Pump

Yellow 65 foot All Seasons Hose

Adaptor Qk connect to 5/16

Poly Receptor with Female Hose with Valve

This Kit includes the items below:

150-0559 - H2Pro Max Cart 110v Electric Pump (Qty:1)
890-547 - Xtreme X3 47ft Pole only (Qty:1)
150-1105 - Ball Valve 5/16in for WFP (Qty:1)
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Original Price: $7,859.00