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ProTool DIY RODI Pure Water Cart Kit with CLX 27ft Pole - Assembly Required

Quick Overview

  • Pure WaterCart as a DIY Kit, Assemble the cart yourself and save money, Assembly Required
  • Best in class 20" Carbon and DI filters
  • Over 1gpm of RODI from the 40" membrane
  • Gardiner CLX 27 ft pole
  • Everything you need to connect the pole and cart

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Item #: 150-0540

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 Available Mid October
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ProTool DIY RODI Pure Water Cart Kit with CLX 27ft Pole - Assembly Required

ProTool Residential Starter Kit

This is an entry level kit design to give you the best bang for your buck performance on the market. With over 1gpm of RO water and a 27ft Gardiner Pole, there is no residential job you can't clean. 

Everything you need to clean any residential job. 

ProTool Cart Overview:

The ProTool Cart is designed to be shipped flat pack for more secure shipping and reduced shipping/labor costs. We pass those savings directly on to you. This unit is an assemble it yourself RODI cart kit at an unbeatable price.

Follow this link for our tutorial on DIY assembly

If your TDS is above 100, then this RODI Cart would be the right system for you.

The ProTool Cart frame is made from strong powder coated steel and made right here in the United States. 

With best in class Carbon and DI filter size, this cart runs longer between filter changes. This system does not compromise performance for price.

Gardiner CLX 27:

The Gardiner CLX hybrid 27ft pole is a 4 section telescopic carbon composite pole. Best for working with heights of 32 ft. Clean every window on every residential job.

Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick-loq gooseneck, all season hose & connector.

Has the option to add extension piece.

This RODI unit is a DIY kit that ships flat pack. Which means it saves on labor and shipping cost which we pass directly on to you. 

This unit comes complete with a detailed instruction manual to assemble. 

This kit also comes in an assembled option. 

This Kit includes the items below:

150-0535 - ProTool Flat Pack RODI Cart (Qty:1)
890-4272 - CLX 27ft pole only (Qty:1)
150-1107 - Ball Valve 5/16in Union for WFP (Qty:1)
Your Price: $
Original Price: $1,763.35