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Qleen Rotating Brush System, 16 in.

Quick Overview

  • 16in Wide Rotary Brush
  • Powered Brush Cleans Faster
  • Improved Cleaning vs. Manual Brushing
  • Includes: Power Pack 110v, 155ft cord
  • Great for Solar Panels, Atrium Glass

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Qleen Rotating Brush System, 16 in.

Proven cleaning solutions for daily outdoor use.
This is the 16in wide brush version with Power Supply and 165ft of cord.

QLEEN systems are tried and tested and used successfully worldwide.

Includes 1 set of White Brushes - Red and Blue Brushes are upgrade items.

White for all Glass as well as Metal panels on curtain wall buildings
Red for Solar Panels 
Blue for Building Facades, Truck, Bus Wash, and bus enclosures,

They are modular in design and can be configured depending on the difficulty of the job.

Smaller and larger cleaning projects can always be implemented quickly and thoroughly.

Clean Windows, Solar Panels, Building facades as well as Semi Trailers, Busses and Boats.

The RotaQleen system allows for fast cleaning of Bus Stops, Canopies, Atrium glass and siding.
Dirty surfaces are cleaned faster with the RotaQleen brushes than by traditional methods.

The RotaQleen system supports a chemical spray tip as well as nozzles for Pure Water Rinse supporting a wide variety of cleaning tasks.

Color Coded Bristles offer 3 levels of scrubbing strength.

White for all Glass as well as Metal panels on curtain wall buildings
Red for Solar Panels
Blue for Building Facades, Truck, Bus Wash, and bus enclosures,

Special Collar Adaptors allow a sturdy connection to the finest Water Fed poles on the market.

The Qleen System is recommended for the following Lehmann Poles

159-081 2 Ft Connector $189�� need 1 then pick between:
159-085 Qleen Titan Pole Section
159-086 Qleen Carbon Pole Section

And choose as many as you need (5ft at a time) to reach the cleaning surface
Note: If you go beyond 25ft chose 159-086 CF poles

The Qleen can also be adapted to other poles that J.Racenstein has tested the Qleen brushes using the 159-060 Collar Adpator Qleen 26mm:
The first Section must be removed from these poles to insert the Adaptor.
This shortens the available length of the poles:

Unger nLite models:
65-281 nLite Carbon 22ft Master (Adaptor installed yields max 16ft)
65-282 nLite HM Carbon 22ft Master (Adaptor installed yields max 16ft)
and their respective extensions
65-285 Carbon 11ft
65-286 HM Carbon 11ft

155-4301 SLX 30ft (Adaptor installed yields max 25ft)
155-4391 SLX 39ft (Adaptor installed yields�max 33ft)


Recommended hose parts:

67-4412 Single Hose w/fittings 50ft Tucker

150-177 Union Reducer (2)

150-704 3/8 tube to 1/4 npt connector

150-479 3/8 tube - cut 3" 

150-140 Garden hose to 1/4 male adapter

150-393 Wye 3/8 tube

---for 3 nozzles---
150-393 Wye 3/8 tube

150-479 (2 pieces- 1 short, 1 long)

---for 2 nozzles---
1 piece of 150-479 tube to the wye on the Qleen

This Kit includes the items below: