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Residential Starter Kit

Quick Overview

  • Great Residential Starter Kit
  • Great for First Time Water Fed Users
  • Great for Low TDS Areas
  • CLX 27 Hybrid Carbon Fiber Pole
  • Unger HydroPower Ultra

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Residential Starter Kit

The Best of Both

This is the ULTIMATE combination to get into the Water Fed Market. With Gardiner's strong reputation in the Pole Systems world, and Unger's famous German Engineering, you truly get the best of both worlds.

Gardiner CLX 27

The CLX 27 is the ideal pole for residential cleaning. It has a working height of 32 feet, more than enough for most homes. It is a hybrid carbon fiber pole giving you great balance between affordability and strength. Plus, as being a part of the Gardiner family, it comes with the option to add an extension and reach the window that may just be a little higher than expected.

Unger HydroPower Ultra

The HydroPower Ultra lives up to the name. Unger took the widely popular HydroPower and redefined it. WIth better fittings, greater cleaning and resin efficiency. This is the unit when it comes to portable Water Purification. Excels in low TDS areas and for first time Water Fed users.

CLX 27 - 6 section telescopic carbon-composite pole

Comes complete with FREE Super-Lite® Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck*, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector**

This is our top selling residential pole for a reason! The Gardiner CLX 27-foot pole is a great entry-level pole, and the best residential pole available based on value and height. It’s a perfect investment for those just getting into WFP cleaning.

      Here’s why:

      • It’s lightweight: Made from 65% carbon fiber on all sections, the pole weighs around 4 pounds.
      • It’s compact: The 4-section telescopic pole breaks down into 4 sections that are about 5 feet in length.
      • It reaches up to 32 feet, making it capable of reaching most residential or 2-story commercial windows.
      • It has thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent pinching fingers when collapsing the pole. It comes with Comes with Super Lite 11in mixed media brush, smart clamps, quick-loq gooseneck, all season hose & connector.
      • It’s expandable, allowing you to add an extension.
      • Its insulated handle Section & extending sections have been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GO
      • It’s affordable, costing less than $500.

The UNGER HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional glass and building cleaner.

  • Over 30% more pure water per resin filling
  • Every Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin
  • New formula, perfected for glass cleaning
  • The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which optimises the resin saturation
  • Integrated digital measuring device displays the water hardness of the pure water coming out
  • Intuitive colour coded system
  • KeyLock function eliminates risk of operating errors
  • Stable quick-fit metal hose connector
  • Practical shut-off valve prevents leakage during transport
  • Pre-installed, dynamic control guarantees optimum water flow at all times
  • Base: 30 × 31 cm, Height: 35 cm, Ultra Resin Packs: 1 (6 l)

Kit Includes:

CLX 27 Pole and Brush

Unger HydroPower Ultra 1 Stage

One Free DI Resin Bag with purchase. 

Yellow 65 foot All Seasons Hose

Adaptor Qk connect to 5/16

Poly Receptor with Female Hose with Valve

This Kit includes the items below:

69-210 - HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage (Qty:1)
70-215 - HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage Resin (Qty:1)
890-4272 - CLX 27ft pole only (Qty:1)
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