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SuperMax 3K 27ft Tele Pole HM carbon

Item #: 155-4276

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Quick Overview

  • High Modulus Carbon with 3K Wrap
  • Small closed length, 5ft, 1in
  • Insulated Handle protects from Electrical Shock
  • Light Weight 3.7lbs
  • Can be extended with the #7-9 Ext Pack

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SuperMax 3K 27ft Tele Pole HM carbon

SuperMax 3K 27ft Tele Pole HM Carbon

  • 3K Super-Max Pole
  • The most robust short collapsed pole with great rigidity
  • Excellent rigidity even when used with extensions at up to 40ft
  • 6 Section Telescopic Carbon Pole with High Modulus & 3K strengthened sections
  • Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Comes complete with Super-LiteĀ® Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck, Pole Hose & Connector
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Content in Extensuion Sections
  • Base Handle Section has Outer Electrical Insulated Layer for Safety
  • Working Reach: 32ft

Super-Max Telescopic Water-Fed Poles

890-4276 - SuperMax 3K 27ft HM Pole and Brush only (Qty:1)

Ionic Ergo-Lite Pole Replacement Parts


Garden Hose Poly Quick Connectors


Gardiner Pole Hose

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Original Price: $795.00