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Ultimate 90ft Tele Pole HM Carbon Kevlar

Item #: 155-4470

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Ultimate 90ft Tele Pole HM Carbon Kevlar


This pole comes with the base 46 foot pole as well as eight 5ft extension poles, allowing you to extend this pole to a height of 90ft.

The Ultimate poles are carbon fiber and are great when working with heights. These poles have ultimate rigidity while being easy to use. This 90 foot pole has 17 sections and is still lightweight. These poles comes with Super Lite 11in brush, smart clamps, quick loq gooseneck, all season black hose & connector as well as 2 pole extensions. The base handle section has outer insulated layer for safety.

The Gardiner line of poles are nicely improved. Special features include quick-loq brush & adapters for easy accessory changes. Thicker clamps that are grooved at each end to prevent finger pinching while collapsing pole. Levers now have an aluminum pivot nut.

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Gardiner Carbon Fiber Poles

890-4466 - Ultimate 46ft pole and brush only (Qty:1)

Gardiner Sections & Extensions

155-4720 - Modular Extension Carbon #10 70in (Qty:8)

Ionic Ergo-Lite Pole Replacement Parts


Garden Hose Poly Quick Connectors


Other Hoses

Your Price: $
Original Price: $4,670.00