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10 Things Your Customers Should Know About Battery Stains

10 Things Your Customers should know about battery stains

There’s no question that those ugly orange or white stains from battery acid are a nuisance, but did you know they are also potentially harmful to the concrete, the environment, and your customers’ health?

The following information was provided by Craig Harrison, founder of F9:

  1. Battery stains are hazardous, toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic.
  2. Battery acid is 31 to 50% sulfuric acid, which is extremely dangerous.
  3. You can burn your feet if you walk through battery stains. You don’t want animals or kids playing in the area where a battery stain exists.
  4. Battery acid can also be tracked in the house, carpet, etc. If your customer has walked through the stain, it’s best to recommend they have their tiles and carpets cleaned as well.
  5. Water will reactivate battery stains.
  6. If the battery stains are white and dry, the flakes can turn into dust and become airborne. This can cause lung damage – or worse.
  7. Unless stains are neutralized, these stains will continue to grow and expand, reaching deep into the slab. Active battery stains can eat through an entire 6" slab of concrete, promoting premature deterioration of the concrete slab and ultimately requiring a tear-out-and-replace situation.
  8. The orange from the battery stain may eventually run into storm drains.
  9. Homeowners can receive fines up to $37,500 per day for having hazardous stains enter the storm drain.
  10. All of these consequences are more expensive than having you remove the stains for them!

Battery acid stains must be neutralized immediately into a non-hazardous state. F9 Double Eagle turns Sulfuric Acid into Sodium Sulfate without etching, scarring, or removing the cream from the concrete.