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7 Significant Reasons Why You Need to Dust Your Customers' Ceilings

High ceiling dusting is a natural and profitable add-on service for building maintenance and window cleaners and it's important for your customers as well. Piles of dust and dirt on ceilings and rafters are not just ugly, they can actually be hazardous. Here’s how:

1. Dust creates all kinds of nasty growth, including mold, mites, bacteria, and viruses.

2. Dust can collect and make its way into the ventilation system, damaging the HVAC system or creating poor air quality -- the leading environmental threat and cause of airborne sickness, according to the EPA.

3. Dust can make buildings stink.

4. Dust can rust or rot the surface it’s on.

5. Piles of dust can eventually loosen and fall on unsuspecting persons or contaminate production below.

6. Some kinds of dust buildups can become fire hazards and even eventually create explosions.

7. OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) can fine businesses for maintaining unsafe levels of dust on ceilings and rafters.

Now it's easier and more affordable than ever to add this important service, using the 3-in-1 Gardiner pole system from J. Racenstein. Same proven Gardiner pole system that you use for windows with different attachments -- and you can do it all safely from the ground!