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Bio-Solv to the Rescue

Lance Golden of Golden Touch Carpet & Window Cleaning LLC was recently cleaning a commercial client’s windows when his customer approached him with a problem that had occurred a few hours earlier that day. His customer fabricates granite and marble flooring, and someone accidentally spilled one part of a two-part epoxy on the warehouse floor, leaving a sticky mess that had adhered to the concrete.

“My first inclination was to use Bio-Solv, so I grabbed some from my truck and did a little demo,” Lance explained. “It worked beautifully, and the customer was thrilled.”

Bio-Solv is an environmentally-friendly acetone or solvent replacement that is used to break down oils, adhesives, and other sticky residue. It has multiple uses, such as removing paint, graffiti, dirt, grease, and more. 

This is not the first "Bio-Solv to the rescue" moment for Lance. In another instance, Lance was contacted by a church that had a red floor that had been re-coated multiple times over the years. The church wanted to restore the floor to the original layer, but after calling in seven different contractors who tried multiple methods and products, the coatings wouldn’t budge.

Golden Touch was brought in, and Lance did a test spot with Bio -Solv. The video below shows the results.

“It started bubbling, which meant it was working.” After applying and some dwell time, he pressure washed the surface and it came out perfectly.

“Bio-Solv is like liquid gold,” he added. “My customers were thrilled with the results. To them, I was a hero, but for me, it was just another day of work.”