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Carlos Gonzalez of EBC: The Life,the Legend, the Legacy - Part 2

“When I got into this industry and became an independent thinker, it opened up a whole new perspective for me. I thought, ‘This is where my journey is beginning. I don’t know where I’m going, but for the first time in my life, I’m content.’”

- Carlos Gonzales

Keep in mind that Carlos has remained a sole proprietor, owner/operator since starting New Look over 20 years ago. While there was certainly enough work to justify hiring crews, it just didn’t fit his style of business. “I dipped my big toe into the employer category, and I didn’t like it. I’m a bulldog when it comes to washing, and I didn’t like having to babysit people.”

As a teen, Carlos lived with his last foster family — a “faith-based family” – for about four years, and they helped instill certain values into his life. “One of those values was that you never stop working until it’s done. That’s really been the theme behind New Look — we’ve always done exceptional work and I take pride in that.”

That did put some limits on how much work Carlos took on, as there are only so many properties he could clean on his own. However, working solo, he managed to gross over a quarter of a million dollars per year, with his highest year producing over $350,000.

And it also allowed him to position himself to sell his company at a good price with no regrets.