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Carlos Gonzalez of EBC: The Life,the Legend, the Legacy - Part 4 - Wash On!

Editor’s Note: Since starting this series on Carlos Gonzales of EnviroBio Cleaner (EBC), he has received private messages from people around the globe who’ve been encouraged by his story. That was part of our hope for this piece, and we at J. Racenstein are honored to be the first to share it. If you have not read the first three parts of this series, I highly recommend going back and doing so. You can find parts 1 (His Family’s Legacy) and 2 (A New (Out]Look on Life) here, and part 3 (Taking on the World) here.

Part 4: “Wash On!”

Carlos’s story is an inspiration, and so is Carlos himself. Anyone who follows “Los” on social media has likely seen his encouraging posts. In fact, his slogan – “Wash On” – has taken a life of its own, and now graces the heads, equipment, and bumpers of cleaning contractors’ vehicles across the U.S. and beyond.

“Wash on” was a term Carlos began using with hopes of creating a universal statement to strengthen the bond of the pressure washing industry. “It’s a term that connects us. It cuts through the industry politics. It reaches beyond the trade associations. It surpasses any specific product. It has no agendas, no biases. It’s just a code of encouragement for who we are as a trade.”

The term “Wash On” has become a symbol of brotherhood. It’s a code term that the average citizen may not understand, but industry members know what it means. “It’s just a simple approach to uniting a complicated, often political industry.” And it’s a term that is growing around the globe