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Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer Overview


Overview and How-to on the Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer.

Electrostatic Charging of the Spraying Fluid

Offers 5 times the efficiency of standard sprayers

Use 50% less Chemical than standard sprayers

Charged Droplets will wrap around targeted surfaces

Excellent coverage and adhesion of droplets

Electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces than relying on a gravity based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface.

Powered by pulsed electric motors this sprayer produces spiral vibrating air to carry the droplets onto the surface. The high pressure tips break the liquid down at the nozzle instantly with the fluid nebulizing into a mist with particle size from 5 to 50µm (micron). The sprayer sends this fine mist or fog rapidly spreading into the air offering a high penetration and and adhesion.

Note: Be Careful!, if you do not seal the lid tightly and dry off the backpack before you get started you will likely get shocked.

Electrostatic spraying offers the best efficiency and coverage when sanitizing, deodorizing spraying insecticide, disinfection or deodorizer. Generally you can use 50% to 65% less chemical to complete the same task,

This 12v Battery powered sprayer allows complete independence when spraying to allow movement around obstacles, furniture, equipment and cubicles.

Here the Sprayer is configured for wand spraying which produces larger 40µm droplets for faster application. Use a wand when you have a large areas to spray, dozens of picnic or lunch/breakroom tables for instance.


  1. Back Pack Sprayer
  2. Batter
  3. Airgun
  4. Nozzles and Tips
  5. Charge Cord


  1. Watch out for Electrostatic Hook up wire
  2. Remove base plate
  3. Connect Battery Connectors
  4. Place battery into hooks making sure they stay closed
  5. Replace base plate
  6. Secure Screws


  1. Loop top of straps through opening
  2. Push as much length as you can through
  3. Needle Nose pliers may help
  4. Adjust tail length as short as possible at first
  5. Adjust to fit


  • Plug runs air gun and charges battery
  • To charge: Plug into power out let and into the base of the backpack
  • To power air gun: Plug into base of backpack and into the handle of the air gun. 
  • Turn the switch on and off to control the airgun.


  • Unclog and clean tips by taking cover off and removing the top of the tips
  • To replace tip, hold tip back on to spring keeping it compressed. Tighten threads.
  • Use Airgun
    • Inside
    • Electrostatic Charge
    • More power
  • Use Wand
    • Outside
    • More tip options/larger sizes
    • More control
    • Less power


  1. Check Mix Ratio of Chemical
  2. For Clean and Shine: 2 OZ to Gallon
  3. Add 3 Gallons worth of Chemical ( 6 OZ of Clean and Shine)
  4. Add 3 Gallons of Water
  5. Ready to Spray


  • Be sure to watch for leakage.
  • If housing is wet, the electrostatic sprayer will charge the surrounding water. 
  • This may cause a slight shock, like shag carpet or from static charge form a balloon. Should this happen, the product is not broken, it is just charging the water on the housing. Turning it off and drying it will prevent this. 
  • Ensure housing and hands are dry when turning on


  • All products need a dwell time to be effective
  • Clean and Shine requires 10 minute dwell time
  • Electrostatic sprayer creates a charge that coats the molecule in a positive charge
  • This causes it to want to re balance itself and stick to surfaces nearby. Like a small magnet.


  1. Controls are on the left side/back
  2. Turn on the fan on first
  3. Then turn on the pump on the back
  4. This help propel the spray away from you and toward the surface. It also help direct and control the spray
  5. Turn off pump first
  6. Turn off fan
  7. Let Clean and Shine dwell 10 minutes
  8. Spray and Forget


  1. Spray comes out of the tip charged
  2. Adjustable length wand
  3. Two 74 micron tips for outside use
  4. On/off trigger to control spray
  5. Larger flow for more coverage and faster coverage


  • 74 Micron Tip
  • Similar Flow to Air Gun
  • Adjustable Arm 
  • Moves sprayer further away may be easier to get in more areas


  • Largest Volume
  • Largest Micron Size
  • Great for Large Areas
  • Good for getting hard to reach areas
  • Uses most product and makes surface very wet