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F9 Double Eagle vs Goundskeeper

Front 9 (F9) products offers 4 high-performance restoration products that are designed to remove stains and restore hard surfaces. While F9 Efflo is for removing Efflorescence from building and F9 Barc removes rust stains, two products are specifically created for cleaning concrete: F9 Double Eagle and F9 Groundskeeper. While they can work together, they serve different purposes. Let's take a look: 

F9 Double Eagle

Double Eagle is created for cleaning thick oil and grease that are on top of the concrete surface. Double Eagle is a double purpose cleaner/degreaser and neutralizer. It’s excellent for removing thick oils/grease as well as for concrete maintenance. It’s also used to neutralize low pH products, such as F9 Efflo and F9 Barc. For maintenance accounts where you want to make concrete really shine and look cleaner longer, you can pre-treat with Double Eagle. This will clean off oils down to the surface. Once rinsed off, add F9 Groundskeeper, allow to dwell for 2-5 minutes, then rinse off with hot or cold water.

  • Cleans tough, thick, hard-to-remove oil and grease on the surface
  • A great degreaser for removing oils, hydrocarbons, food stains, tire marks, and other oily surfaces from dumpster pads, gas station pads, drive throughs, and other similar areas
  • Safer than many degreasers because it does not use hydroxides
  • Treats organic stains (grease and fats) through saponification, which turns the fats into soaps.
  • Neutralizes surfaces where acids have been used to prevent unwanted damage or results
  • Neutralizes other F9 products, such as F9 Barc and F9 Efflo
  • Safe for use on concrete, bricks, tile, pavers, stone, grout masonry, and many other hard surfaces. Note, however, that it should not be used on asphalt

F9 Groundskeeper 

Groundskeeper is designed for situations where there is no thick grease or oil buildup, but there are stains – like oil, dirt, tire marks, light rust, etc. – just below the surface. Groundskeeper pulls out caustics in the surface and subsurface levels, brings the surface pH back to where it’s closer to neutral,and makes the concrete whiter. It also makes concrete more hydrophobic, which makes it less likely to stain and easier to clean. Groundskeeper is designed for maintenance of industrial-strength concrete. It is not for residential.

  • Designed as a maintenance cleaner, not a heavy degreaser

  • Removes stains beneath the concrete surface

  • Helps make the concrete white, giving it that extra "pop"

  • Makes future cleanings anywhere from 20 to 40% faster

  • Created as a highly buffered, low pH, hard-surface maintenance cleaner

  • Safe to use on concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, ground masonry, and most other hard surfaces

  • Works by pulling out caustics in the surface and subsurface

For step-by-step guidance on which product to apply when, we recommend the F9 Cookbook.

The F9 Cookbook is 100 page Professional Restoration Manual that shows you exactly what to do in almost all circumstances. There are over 140 ways to use the Front 9 products. The F9 Cookbook outlines in detail the processes, dilutions, applications, and order of cleaning with dangers, side notes, cautions, things to be aware of, and more.