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Free Ladder Safety Resources

March is National Ladder Safety Month, and at J. Racenstein,we want to help promote the importance of staying safe on those ladders throughout the month. For this blog, we are going to look at some free resources available on the web to help you and your team be better prepared for preventing ladder-related injuries.

The American Ladder Institute

The American Ladder Institute offers a number of tools you can use for free, including online training. The program features four modules:

  • Step Ladder Safety Training
  • Single Ladders and Extension Ladders
  • Articulated Ladders
  • Mobile Ladder Stands and Mobile Ladder Stands Platforms

Each module consists of a pre-test, a “video-rich” training session (under 30 minutes), and a post test.

They also offer free printable resources, such as the Ladder Safety Checklist below.


The OSHA website offers a number of free materials that can be reproduced — many available in both English and Spanish — including booklets, quick cards, and even posters like the one below.