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How Madison Window Cleaning Uses Clean and Shine

When Tanya Weger of Madison Window Cleaning first heard that J. Racenstein carried the new Clean and Shine sanitizer that could be added to her window-cleaning solution, she ordered 8 cases right off the bat.

Just prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Madison Window Cleaning moved into a new 13,000 square-foot facility with a large shop, offices, 3 bathrooms, and a kitchen area. When Covid-19 first hit the U.S., she and her husband Kash cleaned and sanitized their facility and vehicles every night -- a process that was easily taking them two extra hours every day. They became painstakingly aware of all the high-touch areas in their facilities.

However, with Clean and Shine now in their cleaning arsenal, Tanya thought, “Why don’t we add this to our services?”

So in addition to cleaning and sanitizing windows, Madison Window Cleaning now has started offering sanitizing services for high-touch areas such as door knobs, bathroom sink and toilet handles, light switches, counter tops, etc., as well as things commercial areas such as security system panels, file drawer handles, elevator buttons, and so on.

For cleaning, Madison Window Cleaning uses C&S in a 32-ounce spray bottle mixed at the highest disinfecting ratios, spray on a towel – “microfiber works best because it doesn’t absorb the sanitizing solution” – and wipes down high-touch areas. The service fee is based on square footage.

This is not a service that Madison Window Cleaning has been actively pursuing, but has become an add-on they offer current customers. “We schedule window cleanings out pretty far in advance, which gives us a chance to call the customer to not only remind them of their upcoming service, but now to let them know about this new high-touch sanitizing service we can add on.”

Tanya has found that many residential customers were not yet comfortable having anyone in their home, but knowing that they offer sanitizing services has helped get us in the door, especially in houses where people have had guests or interactions with people outside their home. “Many of our older customers are not ready to have anyone in their home, and we respect that.”

So far, Tanya has not charged extra for full sanitizing of windows – which requires a 10-minute dwell time – but said she may decide to make it an upcharge. “Full window sanitizing requires a double treatment since you have to wet the window and wait 10 minutes. It makes sense for us to charge more for that service. Charging more also may add more perceived value.”

Tanya is also cautiously looking to actively promote their sanitizing services by adding it as an option on their website. Using Clean and Shine has been a cost-effective method for helping them continue working while strengthening their customers’ trust. 

“Adding Clean and Shine has helped us position ourselves to our customers, helped us protect our employees, and helped stop the spread while still allowing us to earn a living.”