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How to Load Your SmartWash Dosing System at the Beginning of the Day

Before you head out for your first job of the day with your Smartwash Dosing System, you need to get it ready to go. Here's how:

1. Set your choice valve to load from the stinger, then attach the stinger to the system and place your wand into your drum (or tote) of SH.

2. Tun the valve on the left-hand side of the system (as you're facing it) so that it's set to load the 50 gallon tank in the back (i.e., straight up and down).

3. Turn on your pump to load the 50 gallon tank.

4. Turn off the pump.

5. If needed, turn that same valve to the right to top off your 7 gallon bleach tank for precision dosing.

6. If the 7 gallon bleach tank was empty, add a pint of Stick.

While in the field, change the choice valve (i.e., turn to the left) so it will pull from the 50 gallon tank to fill the 7 gallon tank.