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How to Remove and Neutralize Stains with F9 Double Eagle (F9 DE)

F9 Double Eagle degreaser is designed as a safe, concentrated, multi-purpose degreaser as well as a general cleaner that can be used both as a degreaser as well as a neutralizer. Let's look at how

F9 Double Eagle for those hard-to-remove grease stains

Grease and oil are organic stains and therefore need a alkaline cleaner (i.e., base) to remove them. For oil-based organic-based stains, alkaline cleaners are referred to as "degreasers" because they break down the fats in organic materials and actually turn the fats into soap. This is called "saponification," and it helps clean the surface.

F9 Double Eagle is a degreaser that is designed for tough, thick, hard-to-clean greasy messes where there is heavy accumulation. It works great on difficult, oily surfaces like dumpster pads, gas station pads, drive throughs, parking garages, etc.

F9 Double Eagle is safer than a lot of degreasers because it cleans without using hydroxides. It's great for oil, hydrocarbons, food stains, tire marks, and other oily surfaces. It's safe to use on concrete, bricks, tile, pavers, stone, grout masonry, and many other hard surfaces. Note, however,  that it should not be used on asphalt.

How to Apply F9 Double Eagle as a Degreaser

You can apply F9 Double Eagle directly using a sprayer, such as the ProTool Sprayer or even the ProTool Clever, especially if you're cleaning larger areas. 

Your dilution will vary depending on how dirty the surface is. Dilutions can range from 5:1 to 20:1.

1. Spray on the area to be cleaned using a dilution ratio ranging from 5:1 to 20:1 depending on how bad the area is. 

2. Let the mix dwell from 2 to 15 minutes, again depending on the stain.  

3. Manually agitate heavy areas with a brush.

4. Wash with a pressure washer/surface cleaner, preferably using hot water, although cold water will work. 

F9 Double Eagle for Neutralizing Acids

When using acids, it's always best to neutralize the surface to prevent unwanted damage or results. F9 Double Eagle can be sprayed as a neutralizer on acidic stains, such as sulfuric acid from golf carts batteries and cars. You can also use it as a neutralizer for other F9 products, such as F9 Barc, which is used for rust and battery stains, as well as F8 Efllo, which is used for removing efflorescence.

There are many reasons to neutralize, but the most significant one is to stop any action or reactions with the acidic product used for cleaning. When using an acidic product, it's important to have discharge wash water between a 5 and 9 pH.  F9 Double Eagle turns active acidic products into benign, non-toxic salts and raises the pH considerably to achieve EPA-compliant wash-water discharge. F9 Double Eagle can also act as a preventative product to stop unwanted reactions, such as slowing down, stopping, and deactivating overspray of the acid product so it doesn't etch or cause unwanted reactions. Before sealing hard surfaces, it's also important to neutralize the surface so there aren't any chemical reactions between the sealer and the surface.

How to Apply F9 Double Eagle as a Neutralizer

1. Mix with water at an 8:1 ratio. You may need to adjust this mix up or down depending on the pH of what you're neutralizing.

2. Using a sprayer such as the ProTool Sprayer, spray it on the surface needing to be neutralized.

3. Scrub with a broom if needed.

4. Rinse.

Note that is If there are oil stains in combination with battery acid stains, F9 Double Eagle will clean the oil and concrete and neutralize the battery acid. After applying F9 Double Eagle, you will need to surface clean like you would with any other degreaser.

After you finish washing, let the concrete completely dry.

How the F9 Cookbook Can Help 

All F9 Products are interrelated and designed to work together. The F9 Cookbook is a popular resource  to help you determine the right product and mix for the job.