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How to Safely Clean Bird Droppings from a Building

Bird droppings are not just nasty disease-carrying waste, they are extremely acidic and destructive to buildings – especially tar-based roofs. Even a light but consistent covering of bird droppings on a roof can cut its life expectancy by as much as half.

Removing large amount of bird droppings from buildings is a necessary service, and it should be done correctly. Here’s how:

  1. When cleaning bird droppings, always wear personal protective equipment, including gloves and a respirator. Bird feces carries a large variety of bacteria and disease which can cause serious infections with a host of symptoms, from rashes and blisters, to permanent neurological damage or organ failure.
  2. Always thoroughly wet the droppings down first to help protect against breathing in the fecal matter, which will become airborne if removed while dry.
  3. Next, while wearing gloves, use a scraper to scrape away as much of the fecal matter as possible and place in bags. Ask your local waste facility about how to properly dispose of droppings.
  4. Wash the building with a pressure washer or scrub brushes and a product like Dirty Bird Waste Digestor. The live enzymes in Dirty Bird softens even the most stubborn bird waste.
  5. Building Wash to sanitize the area and clean the affected surfaces and leave it looking and smelling clean.
  6. Place bird abatement products – such as the discreet, easy-to-install, multisensory Optical Gel bird repellent – to keep the birds from returning.