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How to Store Your RODI System During the Winter

How to Store Your H2Pro During the Winter

Cold weather is here, and for most window cleaners that means their H2Pro systems will not be used for an extended period of time. 

How do you make sure the system remains in good shape without using it for a couple months?

In order to make sure the system stays in tact, make 3 gallons of pure water in a bucket and set that bucket aside.

Next, open all three housings and remove both the carbon and DI filters. Let the filters drain for about 4 hours. Once they have drained completely, store them in air tight plastic bags. Once the filters are stored and set aside, tip the machine over to drain the water from the housings, be aware the RO is still inside. 

Next, put the RO protect in the top of the RO housing and add pure water to the top of the cylinder. Lastly, reinstall the cap and its all set!

These next steps are optional:
It is best to store the system in a temperature controlled structure. If you are worried about the temperature dipping below freezing, remove each hose connection from the bottom of the Carbon and DI housings and drain the lines … do this before topping off the RO housing. 

Then instead of the pure water, top off the RO housing (RO inside) with Propylene Glycol (RV Antifreeze) after adding the RO Protect and put the cap back in.

Take these steps into consideration if you will not be using your H2Pro system for a couple of months, this can help extend the life of your system.