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How to Wash Your Car at Home

Step 1:  Pre-Rinse with the ProTool Wash Sprayer

Pre-rinsing allows the water to soften dirt and other contaminants. When you pre-rinse, start from the top  of your vehicle and work your way down. This will help rinse some of the loosened contaminants completely off of your car. 

We receommend using the ProTool Wash Sprayer, which provides better pressure than your garden hose, but is not a pressure washer, so you’re not risking potentially damaging the surface. The ProTool wash sprayer uses the concept of “soft washing” – which means using the right cleaning solutions to do the cleaning, then using water with enough pressure to produce a nice, solid stream, but not enough to damage the surface.


  • 1.72 gallons per minute, 1700 psi maximum pressure
  • 18” long x 11” wide x 12” high
  • 6-foot inlet hose with filter
  • 26-ft outlet hose
  • 90-day warranty
  • Variable Spray Wand Tip included

Optional accessories:

  • 1L foamer bottle
  • ¼” Spray Tip Attachment Kit w/ 5 tips

Step 2. Apply Your Soap Mix

It's important to choose a soap specifically designed for cleaning your vehicle, rather than a household cleaner, such as dish soap. Dish soap is more agressive than carwash soap, removing not just the stuff you don’t want, but also things you do want – like wax and sealants. 

ProTool Shine Up is a concentrated, high foaming liquid car wash and shine formula that both cleans and leaves behind a water repellent, high-gloss shine.

ProTool Wash Up is a high foaming, concentrated liquid hand car wash formulation containing environmentally-friendly, foam-stable detergents,

When mixing your chemicals and applying with the ProTool Wash Sprayer, there are two options:

Option 1: Apply soap using the spray canister.

First, you can attach the spray gun to the end of the hose. For this, use the quick connect to attach the hose to your tap, then the other end to the Wash Sprayer.

Option 2: Apply directly from a  bucket

The second option is to draw your soap mix from a bucket and through the Wash Sprayer. Simply create about a gallon of mix using a car wash soap like Wash Up or a cleaner of your choice, then place one end of the draw hose into the bucket and quick connect the other to the inlet on the Wash Sprayer.

Pull the trigger to draw water from the tank through the trigger.

You can change the spray pattern either by using the adjustable nozzle, or switch out the spray tips. For dirtier areas, such as wheels, you may need a straighter spray, whereas general cleaning can use a fan spray. The Wash Sprayer will apply a nice, even mix.

Step 2: Rinsing 

  1. Switch from soap draw and connect into tap water for the preliminary rinse.
  2. Pull the trigger and wait for the soap to clear the line.
  3. Rinse from the top down, pushing the water forward by building a “wave” of water.

Connect to the Rinse 'N Go for a Spot-Free Rinse

  1. The Wash Sprayer and the Rinse and Go are your key to quick and easy cleaning
  2. Connect the rinse and go to the tap
  3. Connect the outlet hose to the wash sprayer for pure water rinse
  4. Clean blade of water to create the “wave”

Don't forget the engine!

Washing your car’s engine bay is important to help prevent premature damage and keep your resale value high. An engine bay covered in oil and grime can wear bearings and camouflage leaks, potentially leading to more serious damage. Clean engine bays also keep the engine cooler, helping it operate more efficiently.

We recommend ProTool Power Up for both your engine and wheels. Power Up is highly active, concentrated water-based engine cleaner that provides long-lasting emulsion  for deep penetration and removal of dirt, grease, and grime on engines.