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How Using a News App can help your Cleaning Business

Right after the first case of Covid-19 here in my state of Arkansas, I downloaded an app called “News Break.” (I’m sure there are others.) Although the push notifications can get to be a bit much, it provides some great information that you could use in your cleaning business as businesses begins to reopen.

For example, I just got a notice this morning that in my area, bars in restaurants will be reopening today and free- standing bars will be allowed to reopen on May 26. The news story mentioned that Arkansas Department of Health should be releasing actual guidelines for these bars sometime later this week.

As a cleaning business owner, this type of information is a goldmine. We already know that new regulations are going to require every business up their cleaning, and there’s no doubt these businesses want their reopenings to be successful. Your cleaning company can play a big role in that.

For example, bars are undoubtedly going to need to clean and sanitize all surfaces – windows, counter tops, tables, booths, bar stools, door knobs, etc. – before reopening, and then again on a daily basis. They may also want to wash and sanitize the exterior of their building – at least the front entryway and foot paths – before reopening as well.

Letting these bars know that you can help – whether by adding Clean and Shine to sanitize while cleaning their windows, pressure washing their exterior using sodium hypochlorite, or sanitizing their entire interior with Clean and Shine in a fogger – can be a big responsibility taken off that bar’s shoulders. Patrons also will feel more confident knowing the bar is hiring a team of professionals to sanitize rather than doing it all in-house.

Clean and Shine is an extremely effective EPA-approved disinfectant. One gallon bottle makes 64 gallons of solution, so a little goes a long, long way, not only in cleaning, but also in providing peace of mind.

Clean and Shine Disinfectant