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Introducing the new Sorbo ARM (S-ARM) T Bar and Sleeve

The new Sorbo Arm (S-ARM) T Bar is the first of its kind, designed to virtually eliminate the need for time-consuming detailing. How? By incorporating a tiny “arm” on the end of the T bar, your washer will now leave a ¼” dry surface around the edge of your windows, all but eliminating the added step of detailing.

When you go back with your squeegee, only a tiny amount of water is pushed back to the frame – not enough to require detailing. And when you’re done, the edges are completely dry. Watch Sorbo himself demonstrate here.

The new S-ARM T bar and sleeve is available in four different sizes: 14”, 18”, 22" and 24”. We carry both the T bar and sleeve set, as well as replacement sleeves.