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Our Top Gutter Cleaning Recommendation: Clean from the Ground!

We highly suggest using the Gardiner Pole System with a gutter-cleaning setup and the RHG Gutter Vacuum. It’s faster, easier, and safer — keeping you off of ladders.

Gardiner’s durable, lightweight poles let you reach a wide array of heights. Best of all, the same Gardiner pole you use for gutter cleaning can be used for waterfed pole cleaning or interior dusting – just change out the attachments.

Add on the compact RHG vacuum and you’ve got a gutter cleaning system that’s ready to take on the toughest of jobs. The RHG Gutter Vacuum is versatile, powerful, and easy to use, with plenty of power to clean rain gutters from the safety of being on the ground.

Cleaning Tips

  • Run water through the gooseneck and hose first. This helps lubricate the inside of the pole so the debris passes through the pole easier.
  • Tilt the end of your gutter cleaning tip at an angle. Think about it. When you use an edger to vacuum your carpets, it doesn’t suck nearly as well if you use it straight up and down; you have to tilt it at an angle. Same is true for using a gutter cleaning vacuum. Tilt at an angle and you’ll have much better results.
  • Buy a cheap Go-Pro type camera. Place it on the end of the pole, then use your phone to see what you’re cleaning. However, after two or three cleanings, you’ll have a pretty good handle on the cleaning process and probably won’t need the camera any more.