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Portable SoftWash Unit: It Fits in your Backseat!

When we say that the ProTool Clever SoftWash Sprayer is compact and portable, we aren’t exaggerating!

Check out how effortlessly it fit on the floor of Doug Apt’s truck for the trip home from the Huge Convention in Branson.

“I love that the Clever can easily be placed in the back of my employees’ cars,” said Tim Carver of Fish Window Cleaning who has been using the Clever for about 1.5 years now. “It’s perfect for residential jobs and apartment complexes. Plus I don’t have to worry about chemicals being mixed wrong. My employees can just set the dial and know the mix is going to be correct. Set it and forget it. My guys love it!”

How it Works

The Pro Tool Clever is designed for spraying 12.5% sodium hypochlorite and your surfactant, but can be used with any chemical mix you prefer to carry at its 100% solution then delete through the chemical sprayer.

It’s super easy to set up. Hook one side to water, then turn the dial to the mix you want to use. The Clever automatically doses your load in the mixing chamber, then sends it on to your wand.

The Clever comes with a wand and a set of tips, but you can switch to your own as well. You simply add the length of hose you want to use and it’s ready to roll (literally).

It’s easy to transport, easy to mix, and easy to use.


  • Easy to setup and use the Clever Sprayer provides precise and constant dosage at various flow rates.
  • No pump needed. This unit runs purely off tap water and provides 3.5 - 4 GPM from adequate tap pressure
  • SH-capable, the Clever Sprayer also supports a wide range of liquid or soluble concentrates
  • The Clever injectors proportional system eliminates all risks of under or overdosing.
  • Externally adjustable and operates continuously
  • Just set it and use it