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ProTool Clever Injector -- Why We Call It the Clever

Why do we Call it the PROTOOL "CLEVER?"

  1. It uses tap water coming from either a house or commercial facility to drive a dosing system that pulls the 12.5% bleach and surfactant up into a mixing chamber, then sends it out to your want.
  2. Setup in the field is easy. Attach 7 gallons of sodium hypocholorite (SH) and surfactant in the tote, attach your water source, your wand, and you're up and running.
  3. Each 7 gallon mix yields about 70 gallons of house wash mix.
  4. It's easy to adjust your mix dose.
  5. It's small and portable, meaning it doesn't take up a lot of space and you can take it anywhere.

To find out more about the clever injector, check out our setup and mixing videos: