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Purple Magic to the Rescue

Dustin Force of Extra Mile Power Washing, LLC, was recently hired to wash a car dealership’s building, including the front entryway, which consisted of a 30 x 20-foot Alucobond (ACM) arch. Having never cleaned ACM panels before, he began conducting research and learned that using his standard wash process could potentially leave spots. After speaking with an industry friend who had just ordered Purple Magic cleaner from J. Racenstein, Dustin said he knew that was the proper product for the ACM panels. His friend suggested giving JRC’s Doug Apt a call. “Doug responded quickly and was extremely helpful, thoroughly answering all my questions.” Doug also recommended using a mild acid on the black streaks on the Alucobond panels. Dustin washed the bulk of the building with his typical process using SH, but made sure to avoid getting it on the Alucobond. For the archway, he downstreamed the Purple Magic undiluted through his 8 gpm pressure washer. “The product foamed up very well and had great cling on the surface. We rinsed the panels thoroughly with low pressure then applied some of the light acid to a few streaks with a brush, then immediately rinsed.”

“The product (Purple Magic) foamed up very well on the surface of the panels, had great cling on the surface, and dried streak free."
Dustin then inspected the surface for spots and streaking, but the ACM dried was streak free. “Being new to cleaning Alucobond, I went ahead and used a water fed pole and pure water to ensure that it would stay spot free. All in all, I used a little over a gallon of Purple Magic on this project.”
Since that project, Dustin has ordered two more gallons and says he will “definitely keep it in stock for the future.” In conclusion, Dustin had this to say: “This was my first real experience with J. Racenstein outside of seeing their booths and products at conventions. I was extremely impressed and blessed by their products and the customer service."